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Posted by computerlover - April 17th, 2014

So FL studio is complicated and I don't remember how I got the bass sound and I'm too lazy to dig it back up to be honest. Sorry to dissapoint you Mr. Coconut!

Posted by computerlover - September 4th, 2013

This game is a game about clicking, Buying upgrades, and buildings to make more cookies. I am sure you ALL heard of it by now. Cookie Clicker. It IS addicting and I AM addicted. But I am able to stop playing to do something else. Some people can't even stop playing this game. You can tab out or keep the tab open and you will still gain cookies from your buildings. Buildings include LITERALLY BUYING GRANDMAS, Spaceships, Mines, Time Machines, Farms, Factories, Cursors, Portals, Alchemy Labs, and that is all. The maker is also adding Dungeons. It is not in yet but he is working on it. He is ALSO working on Mobile versions to bring your addiction on the go! While I am typing this I am checking back to Cookie Clicker. http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/ There you go.

Posted by computerlover - August 6th, 2013

I am typing this in at a Motel 6 as my entire circuit breaker has melted and has to be replaced. Also my house feels like a desert. My parents also had this problem at their house so I met with them and we got to Motel 6. Anyway this is because here in Texas even though it is Fall it feels like it is still Summer. Now we have Air Conditioning and we are cool. And so are my dogs! It is nice here. We also have fast food! I had McDonalds this morning for breakfast! 2 Mcgriddles! If you have not tried a McGriddle from McDonalds omg you NEED to try it when you get the chance. Anyway if you were chosen for August or any other month congratz! I have proof as well!

I was selected as a Monthly Voting Voter!

Posted by computerlover - July 28th, 2013

My famed hater on my content is CapnCoconuts. I listened to his music and it was great. but i made a joke to try to shut him up on a response to his reply on my blog post. He sent out a Sarcastic Response. The only safe animation from his wrath is Physics Lessons. It is maybe already blammed by the time you are reading it. But hey. He does great work. But he is KINDA a ***hole. CapnCoconuts if you are reading this... Learn to take a joke rather than make a sarcasm response. The post was made of anger. Although i still have my childish and " Stupid " humor that i think of for 5 minutes and type in. those were not his exact words he was talking about me like that but it was sorta like that. now if you excuse me i want to go play some flash games.

Posted by computerlover - June 26th, 2013

Im right now doing school right now. I'm Virtual Schooled and have to do the crap during the ENTIRE summer. I'm madder than mad can be.

Posted by computerlover - April 25th, 2013


Posted by computerlover - January 9th, 2012

Im making some animations with Flash.yes they may suck.im still a noob.so yah.See you guys! (: