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Makin post but getting haters

2013-07-28 17:26:00 by computerlover

My famed hater on my content is CapnCoconuts. I listened to his music and it was great. but i made a joke to try to shut him up on a response to his reply on my blog post. He sent out a Sarcastic Response. The only safe animation from his wrath is Physics Lessons. It is maybe already blammed by the time you are reading it. But hey. He does great work. But he is KINDA a ***hole. CapnCoconuts if you are reading this... Learn to take a joke rather than make a sarcasm response. The post was made of anger. Although i still have my childish and " Stupid " humor that i think of for 5 minutes and type in. those were not his exact words he was talking about me like that but it was sorta like that. now if you excuse me i want to go play some flash games.


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