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2013-06-26 17:14:25 by computerlover

Im right now doing school right now. I'm Virtual Schooled and have to do the crap during the ENTIRE summer. I'm madder than mad can be.


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2013-07-27 18:39:00

Given that your flash "How Not To Be Bullied" contains terrible grammar, I think you need all the schooling you can get.

computerlover responds:

It was a joke.


2013-07-28 02:35:26

I take an online math class during the summer, too, but I'm not a baby about it.

Also, your parents shouldn't allow you on Reddit.

(Updated ) computerlover responds:

I live alone. I am in college. FUCKING CODING! Sorry im getting a Masters Degree. Virtual School means a Online School. I go to Full Sails University. i started in the summer due to a unexpected event that they had to start me at the first day of Summer since the Official First Day Of School Date was full.


2013-07-28 14:44:55

> Profile says he's 15
> Talks about being drunk in his second blammed flash submission (why are you drinking at age 15)
> Response to previous post says he's working on a master's degree from Full Sail University (what)

Are you a pathological liar, computerlover? Well, regardless, what I wanted to talk about was the response you left on one of my reviews:

"All you put up is your fucking stupid music that you use a Youtube To MP3 Converter that is FREE and upload the music to BandCamp and sell it just for shits and giggles. Get a life before criticizing a fucking beginner with Flash."

Why don't you tell one of the audio moderators that I so obviously stole music that was on YouTube? It's against the Newgrounds Terms of Service. I could get banned for that! OH NO! PLEASE DON'T REPORT ME TO THE AUDIO MODS, COMPUTERLOVER!!11!1

Oh wait, you can't, because they'll want evidence supporting your accusation. And guess what? You have no evidence. The evidence doesn't exist. Some of my music on Newgrounds IS on YouTube, but that's because I uploaded it there under an account with the same username as this one. Heck, I even link to it on my user page.

Frankly, I suspect that you aren't 15 or in college. I suspect, given your obvious lack of maturity, that you're under 13 and that you have irresponsible parents letting you access websites you have no business being on. If that is the case, please leave immediately, as being under 13 is a violation of the Newgrounds Terms of Service.

computerlover responds:

I meant to put in 1995. It was a error while making the profile. thanks for pointing that out. and for the other thing. Why can't you handle a joke? If you want to know about Full Sails University google it.


2013-07-28 17:32:42

"Why can't you handle a joke?"

Telling me to "shut the fuck up" and calling my music "fucking stupid" and stolen is a joke? Go find random people across the street and tell them that everything they do is "fucking stupid". See how many of them will find the insult funny. Actually, don't do that, because I have enough basic respect for human beings not to want them to get themselves hospitalized or killed.

I honestly can't tell if you're actually serious about it being a joke (it's a pretty bad one) or if you just said it was in an attempt to save face.

(Updated ) computerlover responds:

Both were jokes as well let it go... Read my latest blog post. your music is great. you are just a asshole. most of your reviews were 0 stars. but you have good music. I have some advice. If you want comedy, go the the subreddit Where Did The Soda Go. i hope you like it. its not my subreddit. but it is a AMAZING subreddit. One of the submissions is ACTUALLY named " Fuck bowls " Best name ever


2013-07-28 20:03:55

Being blunt and stern with regards as to what flash and art and whatever else should be is not the same as being an "asshole". I never directly insult developers in my reviews and I just about never use profane language. I try to be constructive in at least some way.

If you want me to stop 0 voting your submissions and giving low-scoring reviews, make something that clearly has significant effort put into it. Even if it winds up sucking, it will suck less, and will most likely survive judgment.

(Updated ) computerlover responds:

no im fine about mine. just you are a Very Very strict critic. I am also trying to be nice.