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I was selected as a Monthly Voting Voter!

2013-08-06 16:59:08 by computerlover

I am typing this in at a Motel 6 as my entire circuit breaker has melted and has to be replaced. Also my house feels like a desert. My parents also had this problem at their house so I met with them and we got to Motel 6. Anyway this is because here in Texas even though it is Fall it feels like it is still Summer. Now we have Air Conditioning and we are cool. And so are my dogs! It is nice here. We also have fast food! I had McDonalds this morning for breakfast! 2 Mcgriddles! If you have not tried a McGriddle from McDonalds omg you NEED to try it when you get the chance. Anyway if you were chosen for August or any other month congratz! I have proof as well!

I was selected as a Monthly Voting Voter!


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