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I am addicted to a game about clicking.

2013-09-04 18:26:28 by computerlover

This game is a game about clicking, Buying upgrades, and buildings to make more cookies. I am sure you ALL heard of it by now. Cookie Clicker. It IS addicting and I AM addicted. But I am able to stop playing to do something else. Some people can't even stop playing this game. You can tab out or keep the tab open and you will still gain cookies from your buildings. Buildings include LITERALLY BUYING GRANDMAS, Spaceships, Mines, Time Machines, Farms, Factories, Cursors, Portals, Alchemy Labs, and that is all. The maker is also adding Dungeons. It is not in yet but he is working on it. He is ALSO working on Mobile versions to bring your addiction on the go! While I am typing this I am checking back to Cookie Clicker. There you go.


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